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Vend is one of Australia’s leading retail POS and inventory management software. It can be easily integrated into any type of retail business, from fashion boutiques to bike shops! As a cloud-based platform you have the ability to move away from the counter, office or stock room while easily accessing your sales, products, and reports.

The software is designed to be fast and user-friendly working across PC, MAC or tablet devices. Vend take the pain out of growing your retail business.

Vend Software Features

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Accept multiple payment options with Vend. As a cloud-based platform built for integrations, Vend accepts a variety of payment methods such as debit/credit cards, gift cards, mobile payments, split payments etc. 

Also allowing you to work offline, apply discounts, customised receipts and more!

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Vend allows you to integrate with multiple packages such as Deputy, Timely, Unleashed, Snitchlabs etc. You can also make accounting easy by syncing with programs such as Xero and QuickBooks. 

Build your own reports and quickly review your data to see how your store, your products and your staff are performing.

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Keep all your customer information in one place. Whether they shop in-store, online, or both, customer transactions are saved to their profile where you can view their purchase history, loyalty and account balances.

With Vend you have the ability to import your current customer list to manage a single database.

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Transform Your Business

With Vend, retailers can focus more on business with this fast, friendly and adaptable software. You will have more control over your inventory, create a better customer experience, view real-time insights on store stats to assist with reporting and have the ability to grow by adding new sales channels, locations and more!

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Run all your retail operations in Vend, the leading platform for growing your retail returns, margins and success. You will be able to bring everything together with this intuitive cloud-based point of sale software. If you have any questions or need support they have a 24/7 support team available.

“We use Vend to run all customer transactions, make sure our inventory is constantly updated, and communicate effectively with our artists.”

– Catherine Cramer, Store Operations Manager at Brika

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