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What is Toggl?

Toggl is an online tracking app that helps you monitor time based on tasks and projects. Produce reports and improve your productivity by integrating with other software. This incredibly simple app is easy to use and can sync to all your devices so you can use it any time and anywhere.

Toggl On Laptop Screen
Toggl On Laptop Screen


Just push a button to start your timer – it’s that simple! You can also:

  • break down your data and produce detailed reports
  • use Toggl easily on all of your devices 
  • track productivity and integrate project management tools such as Asana, Google drive, Zapier, MeisterTask, Xero, WordPress, Slack, Zoho etc.
  • Schedule reports and have them sent straight to your email. Also automate timesheets so that you can spend less time collecting and checking data

Why choose Toggl?

As active users of Toggl we find it to be extremely user friendly and an effective app to improve productivity. With full data backups, a secure server, using projects and clients to categorise time we always feel organised. Their free options provide basic access that you can easily integrate into your business operations. Paid options provide additional special features to can choose from.