Office 365 or GSuite?

Office 365 or G-Suite?

Office 365 or G-Suite?? Choosing the right work tool for collaboration can seem like a daunting task, and we need to consider several factors that will affect which tool will work best for your business.

Firstly, what are these collaborative tools?

Office 365 and G-Suite are the two most prevalent cloud based productivity tools that allow the user to perform business tasks on documents, presentations, spreadsheets, email, online chat and video conferencing. These tasks can be performed in the ‘cloud’, whilst collaborating in real time, with others.

Office 365 is what used to be known as the ‘Microsoft Office Suite’, which has been adapted to include cloud-based operations. 

G-Suite (previously known as ‘Google Apps’) on the other hand, has been designed with a collaborative perspective from the get-go.

G Suite Apps

But which one is better for my business?

The first thing to consider is how you want you and your co workers to collaborate. 

If having ‘real time’ collaboration is important to your business needs, G-Suite could be the better option for you. G-Suite allows users to work on the go and is less complicated than Office 365, although Office 365 has now evolved to include real time cloud-based collaborations.

Another consideration is the need to be working with and editing MS Office documents. If your business requires you to be working with these documents on a regular basis, Office 365 is a necessity. It is without a doubt the most widespread productivity tool. Excel for example is the go-to spreadsheet app for anyone working with numbers.  

G-Suite will allow you to edit MS Office documents, but with a limited functionality. You can still open and view Office documents in G-Suite, but it may interfere with the design. So, if design is an important factor for your business needs, Office 365 may suit you better.

Video conferencing is also superior with Office, utilising the Skype for business platform. Comparing to Googles ‘Hangout’, Skype can handle up to 250 users, while Hangout can have a maximum of 25. If your business needs require you to have many users for video conferencing, Microsoft is the better option.

Probably the most important thing to think about when making the decision about what tool to work with, is – what are you currently working with? 

If you are an established business and have an IT department that is confident and comfortable working with windows already, Office 365 may be the obvious choice for you. This is just a simple update to the Cloud of what is already in place! If you are a start-up, the simpler productivity tools that come with G-Suite could be a better choice for you, as it is easier to set up and manage. Setting up your business with Microsoft to be individualised to suit your needs really requires an experienced IT person. 

G-Suite is also a better option for those workplaces that have users working with various devices and operating systems and are not just Windows based.  

Can't we just have both?

This is also an option! 

When you are making this decision, you need to ask – What about our clients?  If, for example, you have a major client that is already using Office 365, it may benefit you to use this interface also. You may have different major clients using different tools, in which case, having both Office 365 and G-Suite could be a possibility. This allows flexibility when it comes to your clients and allows them to choose how they collaborate with you, without forcing a change to either.


How have you made this decision for your business needs? Tell us what you think about the platforms.

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