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ServiceM8 is an app for trades and service businesses who want to take back control and work smarter with real-time communication between the office, field staff and customers. Use the power of the cloud, smart job management systems and processes to seamlessly improve your workflow.

ServiceM8 Tools

Improve Productivity

Easily access client and job details, view staff locations and schedules, receive reminders, store photos or video instantly, set up automatic texts or emails with customers, dispatch jobs and generate quotes or invoices - wherever you are!

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Fine-tune invoicing

Quote and invoice in while you are on the road. You can connect to customers easily by email or texting a link to view and accept your quotes online. Additional integrations will help you stay connected and automate your processes.

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team member BENEFITS

Improve communication with your staff in the field! You will be able to see all your staff members on a map to help you make informed dispatch decisions. This can help eliminate any potential interruptions while they are on the job.

centralise your workflow & automate your processes

enhance your customer service

Have real time communication with the ability to send and receive emails and text messages directly with ServiceM8, all to assist you in providing a fast and professional service.

Record customers signatures onsite eliminating any potential job delays.

With the ‘job search’ function you can quickly view past jobs instantly.


Seamlessly integrate with accounting software to sync clients, items, invoices, and payments with your selected accounting package. This will help you to prevent doubling up on information and reduce administration efforts so you can focus on what’s important. 

Key Features

  • Job Management –  You will be able to access all client & job information, schedules, calendars & real time activity all while in the field! By also setting up automatic reminders, SMS & emails you will dramatically improve your overall workflow productivity 
  • Respond To Urgent Requests – As you will be able to locate staff in real time, you now have the ability to easily & instantly despatch urgent jobs to those in the field. Seamlessly communicate with your staff without having to call & potentially interrupting them on the job
  • Images & Videos – Within ServiceM8 you can capture & store images & videos with ease. Assigning them to a specific job profile will keep you organised & provide you with a record of photographic evidence 
  • Forms – Complete safety forms, produce professional PDF’s, build checklists, capture client signatures & take payments, send quotes & receive acceptance all from within the app
  • Integration – Connect with accounting software, fulfill marketing requirements with platforms such as MailChimp, scan documents & barcodes etc.  

Why choose US?

As a ServiceM8 Partner we can set your app up from scratch, including training, template and form creation and implementation as well as continuous improvement, which is user friendly and easily adapted to any trades and services business. 

Its field services management options, scheduling and integrations provide an effective solution and modern service. Starting with a free trial option you can select a package to meet your requirements, or contact us to set it up for you.