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Utilise this intuitive collaboration and task management platform to improve your workplace efficiency

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Improve Productivity & Communication


Keep everyone informed of project progress, deadlines and responsibilities.

Integrate with your favourite apps to automate your workflow.

Flexible project boards to easily adapt to your company’s workflow to improve communication with your team and overall efficiency.  

Create, share and monitor projects. Add tasks and photos, set due dates and connect to your mobile to stay up to date.

Discover a new way to manage projects with MeisterTask!   

Team Members​

This completely web based platform means that you and your team can collaborate in real-time. You can view changes instantly across all devices and improve communication with your colleagues. You no longer have to worry about lost files, broken communication, wasted time, etc. because all relevant information is safely stored in a central place.

As MeisterTask us a web based application and you can open it anywhere, it makes working on the go much easier. For example, if you’re in Sales and constantly out of the office, you can now stay in the loop on all projects and even contribute from afar.



MesiterTask intergrates with a variety of online apps to ensure an effective and efficient workflow. Just some of these apps are:

  • Slack
  • Microsoft Office
  • G Suite
  • Dropbox
  • Github
  • Outlook
  • Zapier
  • Freshdesk
  • Bitbucket

Why MeisterTask

We have found MeisterTask to be extremely user friendly and once you’ve registered you can easily invite your colleagues to collaborate with you. The free subscription is excellent and does a great job with basic access, we use this and love it! There are also pro and business subscriptions which offer more unlimited options, customised settings, statistics and more.

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