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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller


Okay, so you’ve finally accepted the fact that you can’t be everywhere and do everything in your business. Receptionist, bookkeeper, marketer, salesperson, cleaner…the list goes on.

Whether you’re just beginning to build your business or you’ve been operating a while, outsourcing is the most effective way to return your sense of humour, passion for life and love of what you do.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling empowered. Engage a virtual professional (VP) to help you get your life and business back in order.

Having made the decision, how do you optimise the relationship to get the most out of it? The answer is through effective collaboration and clear communication.


Collaboration is best described as a joint effort of two or more individuals to accomplish a task or project. For example, VPs collaborate with one another to optimise access to specialist skills as and when required by their clients.

In the workplace, effective collaboration between the VP and her client is a must for a successful remote working relationship. It’s achieved through the use of Cloud-based solutions which enable fast, efficient and effective sharing of information.

For you, the business owner, this means:

  • increased productivity;
  • improved customer service; and
  • significant cost savings.


In any business partnership, the importance of clear communication is a must and no more so than in a remote working relationship. Establish open lines of communication with your VP.  Ensure expectations and directions are clear from the start because it will pay huge dividends in the end. Check in regularly to make sure you are both clear on where things are at.

Make your outsourcing venture a success by following the two Cs of working with a VP.

Keeping the above key strategies in mind and facilitating positive work practices will ensure that you not only improve your company’s productivity but add value as well.


Think of your VP as your silent partner.


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