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A Virtual Assistant is a self-employed professional who provides administrative, technical and creative assistance remotely, with the help of an internet connection.   This type of work can be easily set up with the sharing of files, ‘cloud’ based systems, or just simply utilising secure remote access already available on your computer.  Because Virtual Assistants are self-employed, they are responsible for their own superannuation, PAYG, workcover and leave allowances, making them easily utilised without the need for payroll systems or long-term commitment.  Better yet, they will always be up to speed with the latest tools, technology and resources – and not at your expense.

As a busy executive, entrepreneur, coach or consultant, you simply cannot do everything.  There are tasks that can be delegated to a virtual assistant so that you can get back to building your company, attending conferences and network marketing, to name a few.

Isn’t it a better idea to put your business in the hands of another business, where your success drives theirs?


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