Highlighter Value Worth

Let’s just focus on the value component of this equation for the moment. What is value and how does it apply to and impact our business and our clients?
There’s value as it applies to our own needs (financial and/or emotional) and there’s value as defined by how and why we help others. In business, your brand by very definition is the pathway to discovering and building real emotional value between you and your customers.

Success in business is about offering solutions. These solutions are defined in terms of value and are provided in the form of products or services. For example, DIY websites don’t sell websites based purely on features; they focus on customer benefits or needs and requirements such as quick and easy to build (time-saving benefit), low or no cost (dollar saving benefit) and great looking websites (professional look and functionality benefit).

Think for a minute about the role of your accountant. What solutions and therefore what value does he or she offer? Through effective, timely and professional management of your finances your accountant saves you money (the solution) and if you’re lucky will grow your wealth (value offer).
Too often business owners fall into the trap of performing tasks that would be best performed by someone else, all in the interest of saving money. They fail to place true value on their time and thus quickly lose focus on the importance of what it is that actually makes them money.

Outsourcing important but time-consuming tasks to a virtual professional, for example, will pay dividends both personally and professionally. Knowing you’ve got a professional answering your phone, responding to client emails in a timely manner, preparing and paying accounts is a sensible and cost-effective solution that allows you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Things to think about:
1. Are you looking to grow your business?
2. Are you seeking a better work/life balance?
3. Do you want to save time?
4. Do you need specialised support or collaboration?

If the answer is YES to the above, consider engaging a virtual professional.

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