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Asana is a web and mobile based application designed to assist teams and individuals track their work. It is an easy way for teams to plan, manage, track projects and get results. Improve your workplace efficiency through structured workspaces, projects and tasks.

Organise Your Work All In Once Place


Integrate with all your favourite software, Slack, G Suite, Dropbox, Zapier, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Toggl, Cloud App and more!

Project Dashboard

Visualise your work and move projects through multiple stages quickly with the interactive project dashboard. You can also share your dashboard with your team members. Send updates, reminders and view full project history.


You can clearly communicate and collaborate on projects and tasks. Send projects to each other, leave comments, add links, easily see where others are up to on tasks and more!

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Meet Deadlines

Sync tasks to your calendar to help you meet deadlines, set reminders and due dates. Use Asana to improve your communication and project management so you never miss a beat.

Task Manager

Keep all your tasks in one place, prioritise your projects, share files, get real-time status updates and delegate tasks.


Use Asana to improve your overall productivity by planning and creating projects. Make workflows clear to take projects from start to finish smoothly. By sharing updates, improving your workflow and communication, improves your overall productivity.

Why Choose Asana?

We use Asana every day and have found it to be an easy way to track work and communicate clearly. This web based program is easy to use and track projects from start to finish. You can streamline communication, stay on schedule, clearly track progress and improve overall productivity. The free options offer basic access that can easily be integrated into your business operations.